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*CHARLIE'S BIRTHDAY WISH reminds us of the importance of apologizing and forgiveness

By Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on March 5, 2015


A book like CHARLIE'S BIRTHDAY WISH shows why great books have no expiration date and why some messages can be applied to individuals of all ages.

Author Rene Micka uses her character Charlie to remind us all to remember the way we treat one another, because the things we do can have lasting effects. Thankfully Charlie had someone in his life to care about him and show him why it was important to try to make things right, but for those who feel as though they have no one this book serves as that reminder.

I love the way the author outlines how being genuinely sorry for something we did can go a long way---and the book also highlights why we should be forgiving of others as well---because we never know when it might be us who need to say we're sorry.

Entertaining and a great reminder for readers of all ages, this book is sure to be a winner in your home.




By Katy P. , librarian,  on January 27, 2015


**This book addresses bullying from the bully's perspective. It's a lighthearted and sometimes humorous story told in simple rhyme about a boy feeling sorry for being mean to his classmates, and wondering if anyone will attend his birthday party. Appropriate for preschool through young elementary age, It works well as a conversation starter between adults and children who might be exhibiting bullying behavior. Without explicitly calling Charlie a bully or being too serious, it shows that good kids sometimes exhibit bad behavior, but can make the choice to change and redeem themselves.


By Debra B., on January 4, 2015


I find this book to be perfect for any age!! The author has done a terrific job of making the "bully's" perspective understood. There is usually a reason why kiddos act out, and most times its not because they are really "bad" there is an actual human who needs friends. Sometimes kids act in a manner that they think their peers would like, but discovers the hard way that it doesn't quite work out the way they hoped. In the story Charlie found out friends have to be earned. He has to treat others the way he would like to be treated. He apologizes and in turn is forgiven… something we all hope for. This book opens the door to discussions on the topics of how to be a good friend. I'd recommend it to any teacher or parent as I think any child can relate either to Charlie or his peers.




Terry G.,  December 16, 2014


I got copies for all my grandchildren. The message of anti-bullying from a previous bully is a unique twist. I recommend this story for all libraries, both public and private. It's a great read and the children enjoy the story.



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